Thursday, June 9, 2016

Phatabulous Magazine is proud to spotlight

Dana Baker

How do you inspire other plus size women to embrace who they are?

Lead by example! There is nothing more important then practicing what you preach. When people see me believing in myself, displaying confidence, & embracing who I am through loving myself & following my dreams, they tend to be inspired. They feel that if I can do it then they can too. I have had multiple women state that I've inspired them as they watch my journey.

Where do you see the plus size industry in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years, I see the plus size industry booming. We are already making some noise, but it feels like a movement as we fight to get all brands to embrace & accept us. However, 10 years from now, I can see all brands carrying bigger sizes because we are proving today that the curvy woman wants to look fashionable & will spend money to look that way as well.

What would you tell a young plus size lady struggling with her body image?

There was this young lady that had approached me and said that she wish that she had my confidence because she don't like being the size that she is. I told her not too be so hard on herself. If she doesn't feel comfortable at the size she is in then feel free to work on that. But to me, body image is just that; an image. There isn't a such thing as a perfect one either. We all have flaws. So I suggest focusing more on what you love about yourself. Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit. 

Please list and elaborate on three additional hobbies that you have.

Besides modeling, I love rapping, writing poetry, and being a Mom/Wife. I consider myself to have a "happy go lucky" spirit. I am just this small town country girl. But when I rap, I come out of my little shell. The Diva emerges lol. I exude all this raw energy and I get a rush from it. As far as my writing abilities, I use that to express myself. It's very therapeutic! I can get things off my chest and/or just create a piece of written art. I've always been a better writer then speaker anyway. Being a wife and mother is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Being able to have a family to love and spend my time with is the most amazing thing. The moments we share together, supporting each other, and just that love and security is enough to fulfill my happiness.

Please nominate at least 3 other plus size women or companies that should be spotlighted.

I am a firm believer of uplifting, supporting, and encouraging each other in the curvy community. I am from Kentucky & sometimes in our area it's easy to be looked over because lack of resources. So I want to bring attention to  Nicole Hayden, a designer, pageant queen, & businesswoman. She does a great job staying active in our community and bringing awareness to issues that's very important to her. She truly deserves to be recognized. I also want to acknowledge Cicely Carter, a plus model from Kentucky. She has always been humble, stayed positive, and just set a great example of how a model should carry themselves in the industry. Last but not least, Sharon Edwards. She is not only an event & fashion coordinator to the stars, but also for ITS MY HAIR MAGAZINE. She is a very inspiring influential woman who tremendously gives back to the community. I admire each of these phenomenal three women.

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