Friday, September 23, 2016

1st Annual BBW In The Room Event--SOLD OUT!

Performer Briki 4
If you missed the very first BBW In The Room event hosted by LaQuinta Davis and Diva Big--you missed an experience.  This event was held on Friday September 18th in Jacksonville Florida at the Comedy Club of Jacksonville to a sold out crowd.  The event was long awaited and anticipated by many BBWs and their admirers who showed up in droves to enjoy a night of festive events.

Let me just say this...this event gave me life!!! It's been too long since I've been to an event that celebrated the PHATABULOUS woman the way she truly deserves to be celebrated.  The air in the room was thick with anticipation for what the night would bring and it did not disappoint  There wasn't an empty seat in the building and when the DJ started blasting fan favorites the BBW's in the room could not wait to get up and strut their stuff.
Oh, you thought I was talking about the ladies in the show...Nope!  I'm talking about the audience.  These BBW's were so fired up and excited every chance they got they were up out of their seats and enjoying themselves with so much freedom it was magnetic.

Body Tape Artist Jarvis Evans presented his work with featured model "Spider." Spider modeled for about four years but this was her first event doing the body tape art.  She's done body paint art before but this was definitely a whole new level.  She admits to feeling nervous right before she walked out but once she stepped out she felt the audience embrace her.  She now feels more confident in her own skin and ready to take her career to a whole new level.

Money Moanie
w/ model
Body Paint Artist Whitney Myers Artsy Faces--opened 8 years ago and she started as children's entertainment face painting.  It has slowly graduated to more and more features.  The company started out face painting which has transcended into an art form of body painting on a level not previously seen until tonight. The company now provides "Painting with a twist". Whitney was more than happy to step up to the plate when LaQuinta contacted her and told her about her vision for "BBW in the Room".

Whitney interviewed each model before she began painting and as their conversation developed she let that be the inspiration for what designs they would display during the show.

Face of BBW in the Room
Nicole Phelps
Nicole Phelps the face of "BBW In the Room" was a featured body art model and although this was her first time walking down a runway surprisingly, she did it with nothing but paint on.  She describes the experience as "different."  She admits that having the other ladies to lean on for support helped her to find the strength she needed to take that first step out on the runway.  Once she did she says it was both exciting and exhilarating at the same time.

Briki 4 President
Briki 4 President sat at the table next to me and I must admit she had a big gurl feeling proud and sexy. All of the body art ladies joined her with a dance routine while she spit the her lyrics.
kept looking over at her.  She has a magnetic pull even when she's sitting still.  I didn't know it at the time but I found out near the close of the show when she graced the stage to perform her 2016 anthem "Fat Girl Formation."

When we finally got a chance to talk later on she told me about all of the hell she went through to get there all the way from New Orleans.  She admits that she cried all morning because everything that could go wrong did, but that same determination that steadied her journey to this stage showed up and brought the house down.

Briki said that her performance at the BBW In The Room event has catapulted her career to the next level. She has several events scheduled for October including a performance at the 2016 "Nola Hip Hop Awards" where she hopes she'll be both a nominee and winner of the especially unique event. Ladies please show your support for this awesome woman. You can find her links at the bottom of this article.  Look out for a spot light on Briki 4president coming very soon!

Spoken Word
The BBW in the Room event didn't just stop with art and music.  There were two very funny comedians that graced the stage, including Terry Harris and Timothy V.  They both came in and did their thang!  They had the entire room BOL!  I'm going to have to check Timmy V out when he comes here to Tampa with Comedian "Sommore" on October 8th.

This event was so jammed packed I wasn't even able to interview everyone.  I greatly enjoyed the spoken word, poetry, the live performances by Angela Robert's, Shikenah and #LOUD.  T-Rone graced us with his presence.  It's always good to see local celebrities that have made a name for themselves show support.

BBW in the Room
Monique Coles
Another highlight of the evening that I cannot forget to mention was Josephine's Couture Jewlery. Miss Marie is the founder of Josephine Haute Couture Jewelry which she started in 2012.  Her business is named after her spiritual spiritual mother who passed away of cancer. Miss Marie used her jewelry to style each of the models, the host and LaQuinta herself. She walked the runway holding a picture of her spiritual mother along with the other models who also held pictures of loved ones they've lost to cancer. Miss Marie also has an amazing story of overcoming and accomplishment. Look out for a feature on her, in the near future.  Coming Soon.

At the close of the show, the lady of the hour LaQuinta Davis,
BBW in the Room
LaQuinta Davis
founder of DIVA BIGG and the "BBW In the Room" event, makes her appearance in a stunning all black and sexy fit.  She graces the mic with a simple thank you to all of the audience members to her sold out show.

The BBW in the Room event was an awesome experience.  If you missed it you might want to get on Facebook and like her page so you can get your tickets early for next year's event.  You can also keep up with any other shows and events she produces. If you would like to work with LaQuinta Davis & DIVA BIG you can reach out to her @

 There were so many amazing an beautiful women that participated in the show and I would like to personally thank each and every one of them for your courage and strength.  You made a Phatabulous gurl feel so special.  I'm pretty sure you made a lot of women in the audience feel loved and that it's okay to embrace who they are...and that's what it's all about!

Special Thanks goes to: Katrina Calhoun, LaShay Trimmings, Marquisha Keesh Williams, Model Goddess Keicha, Monique Coles, Nicci Phelps, Poketa L. Moore-Crawford, Tarsha Hagan, Yatosha Michelle, Angel Morris, Crystal Teal, Indaya Pittman, Ja'Nice Laster.

The Comedy Club at Jacksonville, Mokojumbie Designs, Shane Jahi Jackson, Artistically Divine Studios.

Written By Candace L. Smith
Edited by RIZM

Monday, September 12, 2016

Jacksonville's "BBW IN THE ROOM" September 16, 2016

A night of art, fun, music and a whole lot of sexiness is expected September 16th at Jacksonville, Florida's Comedy Club for the "BBW in the Room" event.   Doors will open at 7pm and the show will start promptly at 8:30 pm. If you haven't gotten your tickets for this one of a kind event you still have time.  Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite for $15.00 (advance) and $20.00 at the door.  And all BBW's are expected to be present and ready to do what we do best---slay! Come on ladies, let's get in formation for our chance to shine!

The "BBW In The Room" event will be filled with entertainment that promotes and celebrates every BBW in the room.  This years event will be hosted by "Money Monie Moe" with comedy by BET comedian Terry Harris and Timothy V.

There will be visual stimulation with body tape artist Jarvis Evans.  Body paint art by Whitney Myers, and featured artwork by Mokojumbie Designs, Shane Jahi Jadson and Artistically Divine Studios.

Live entertainment by Angela Roberts, Shikenah feat #LOUD.  And a special performance by Briki 4 President and Fat Girl Formation.  And the DJ Knodat will be in the building as well.

When I first spoke with LaQuinta Davis--creator of this event, I was immediately impressed with her tenacity, passion and guts.  She was determined to stand up for what she believed in and that is that there is always a  BBW in the room but she is not getting the respect or recognition that she deserves.  The "BBW In the Room" event was created so that Jacksonville Florida can see more events that will embrace the everyday woman in the community.  "All women should be acknowledged and still feel beautiful as the next woman" says LaQuinta Davis creator of the, "BBW In The Room" event.

LaQuinta Davis hopes that this event will allow women to see that it's okay to be an individual.  She wants the fuller woman who have not come out of their shell to feel confident and know that it's okay to be who you are.  They don't have to be overly dressed and layered or have surgery.

BBW In The Room began as a play on words.  We've all heard the phrase "elephant in the room" but its not what you think.  LaQuinta looks at it this way: She believes that every flyy event always had a slew of bad "BBW in the Room" but they never get the recognition they deserve.  This event will pay homage to that woman.

Nicole Phelps is to be the face of this years "BBW In The Room."  In our interview she stated that this all happened by accident.  The promoter of the event brought it to her attention.  Although she has never modeled before she decided to sign-up and come to the casting call.  Phelps admits that she's usually behind the scenes but the "sisterhood" atmosphere drew her in.  She says that there wasn't any of the usual competition that is normally found among women in these settings.

So, what did it take to win the award of face of the event?  There was a dance routine, ticket sales and sponsorship that was considered but mostly someones work ethic.  Of course, finding out she'd won the competition she was shocked and amazed.  She admits to being the team grunt but some how she'd always end up in the front.  The competition has helped her open herself up and step out of her shell.  She now realizes that its okay to be in the spotlight.  You're not taking anything away from anyone by being in the spotlight.

Nicole can usually be found with her closest friends or family doing arts, listening to music, attending ballets or plays.  She loves to watch other people perform.  She admit to usually being the clown cracking jokes.  She's learned to laugh at her flaws.  In the end she realizes that its okay to have flaws.

The BBW In The Room event will be held on September 16 in Jacksonville, Florida at the Comedy Club of Jacksonville.  Doors will open at 7 p.m for mixing and mingling and the show will start at 8:30pm.  Special thanks goes out to all of the sponsors--Hyatt Place, Avenue, Davis Law Firm, Josephine Haute Couture Jewelry and Accessories, Mokojumbie Design and Artistically Design Studios as well as all participants.