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Josephine Haute Couture More Than Just Jewelry

Josephine Haute Couture Jewelry 

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Josephine Haute Couture Jewelry is a company that's about more than business but has a purpose.  That purpose is to attract and connect women.  According to Marie, owner of Josephine Haute Couture this business is a ministry that is used to attract women and allow them the opportunity to share their story.

Marie is the first person to raise her hand in understanding the need to be able to share their story. She definitely has a story to tell.  

What you may not know is that Josephine Haute Couture Jewelry actually began with the divine introduction of two of God's creations.  The late Mrs. Josephine' encounter with Miss Marie was not one of chance, but through a family-friend.  She was extremely instrumental in shaping the diamond you now see today.  

A woman of true beauty inside and out, she worshiped God in spirit, in truth, and even through the pain of battling with cancer.  Always remaining fashionable savvy, and graciously cloaking herself with the character defining a lady.  

After Mrs. Josephine's transition, her husband gave Miss Marie the jewelry his wife left behind as a memorial of her elegance and as a reminder of an unforgettable friendship shared.  

Reminiscence of an eternal connection just as divine as the intro, sparked Miss Marie interest in fine jewelry propelling it from a personal to business level.  She started off selling jewelry to co-workers at her 9 to 5, before rapidly expanding, forcing it's metamorphosis into full time entrepreneurship.  

What separates Josephine Haute Couture from others, simply put, "beautiful pieces at beautiful prices."  The sophisticated unique pieces, characterized by quality, normally purchased in the $30-$40 range may be obtained from Miss Marie at half that price.  So you stay pretty and stay away from ugly prices.  Smart "is" the new pretty, right ladies?  

Josephine Haute Couture presents extraordinary pieces of character that not only stand alone but compliment the entire wardrobe, as well as the personality of the woman wearing it.  

If you think Miss Marie business stops at selling some of the most exquisite jewelry you'll ever find, you thought wrong.  Miss Marie uses her successful business as a platform to share her amazing story.  

In 2012 Miss Marie began to notice symptoms in her body that were very defined.  She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer.  February the following year she went through Chemotherapy and of course her business took a halt.  2013 proved to be a life changing year as her father who lived with Leukemia for 12 years and suffered from cancer as well passed away.  He had been going through Chemotherapy as well but the treatments stopped working for him.  

Sadly this is the plight for many African Americans.  According to Sisters Network Inc. a national African-American breast cancer survivor-ship organization, "Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among African American women.  An estimated 27,060 new cases of breast cancer are expected to occur among African American women in 2013.  Among younger women (under age 45), however, the mortality rate of breast cancer is higher in African Americans than in whites."

For African American men unfortunately the stats are not so great as well.  According to, American Cancer Society, "About 189,910 new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed among blacks in 2016.  The most commonly diagnosed cancers among black men are prostate (31% of all cancers), lung (15%), and colon and rectum (9%)."

According to Sisters Network Inc. preventative care starts with reduction of "known risk
factors as much as possible by avoiding weight gain and obesity (for postmenopausal breast cancer), engaging in regular physical activity, and minimizing alcohol intake.  Women should consider the increased risk of breast cancer associated with combined estrogen and progesterone menopausal hormone therapy when evaluating treatment options for menopausal symptoms.

Throughout all of her ups and downs there have been a few key people that have stuck by her and shown much love and support. Her mother came to her aid during the time she needed her the most--while going through chemo, she cooked and prepared her meals every night, she remembers.  Her boyfriend she recognizes has been in the trenches right along side her wrapping packages and setting up tables for her events.  

Miss Marie remembers a friend of the family prophesying to her during a family function proclaiming that her business would pick up and that she would meet new people and be an inspiration to each of them.  

From the moment I met Marie I've felt that she is truly a blessing.  She handles her business with great class and elegance.  Her attention to detail, quality merchandise, friendly customer service, and affordable pricing makes purchasing from her a reward-able experience.  One thing I've definitely noticed and admire personally is the appreciation she shows to each and every one of her customers by posting a picture of them on her social media.  I love that!

If you would like to purchase any of Josephine Haute Couture Fashion Jewelry and Accessories please contact her by going to her website:

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