Saturday, February 24, 2018

From Bullied to Beauty--Tina Green Story

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible'!" -- Audrey Hepburn

I had the pleasure of interviewing plus model Tina Green the other day and I'm just always amazed at what she's gone through to reach her goals in life. Sometimes it's easy to look at pictures, status updates, the glitz and the glam and think that someone has always had it easy.  But success sometimes takes patience and shows up unexpectedly.

Tina began modeling when she was 19 years old.  She started to receive compliments and people often remarked about her height saying that she should try modeling.  Tina's always been tall, but hasn't always received praise for her height. Standing at 6'0, a great height for a runway model, but Tina was bullied in school because of it.   Tina had personal struggles growing up, being bullied because of her height, not being popular, and was considered "different" and "strange."

As she grew older she gained confidence by joining talent agencies and learning how to walk, pose and gaining social graces.  Tina found happiness in fashion and make up, and loved reading fashion magazines and practicing with make up in her spare time.  While in college, Tina enrolled in modeling and make up classes.

One of her first jobs was modeling for an independent brand that produced African attire.  Her payments came in free clothes!  Tina got really discouraged because agencies in the Philly area were telling her that she would never be editorial, high fashion because she was too tall and plus size.  Even thought Tina was discouraged she didn't give up, but she took a little pause to get married, have children and go to graduate school.

Even though Tina has an excellent paying job in the medical field she still has a desire to be a
professional runway plus model.  She said that being a medical writer was never her dream or goal she really just always wanted to be in fashion.  She's recently been going to more open calls and practicing on her craft.

She's participated in a showcase at the PA Talent and Model Expo in King of Prussia where she displayed her acting talents in front of regional and international casting directors.  She's also been in two independent films (Reigning on You and Badland) and one TV show (The Americans).

Her goal is to be hired for plus size catalog, lingerie, swimsuit, and glamour work, and TV and commercial jobs,  Tine finds inspiration to continue working hard in listening to positive affirmations from Louise Hay and journaling.

Recently Tina got the opportunity to play as an extra for an FX show called The Americans.  She's submitted for an extra role for the movie Creed 2 set to be filmed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  She's working with runway coach Sheilah Edmonds, and will attend Jeannie Ferguson's Runway class in March 2018.  She'll be auditioning to be a model for a skin care line to be aired on QVC and she's submitted to the Face of Kurvacious competition.

Tina has taken her modeling career to the next level by signing up for Medeiros Fashion PR, the very first public relations firm in the US to specialize in the plus size fashion industry.  Medeiros Fashion PR is founded by president Emma Medeiros who stated in Marie Claire UK magazine that, "I was absolutely astounded when I realized that, although there are tons of fashion PR firms in the US, not one of them specifically catered to the mammoth plus size fashion industry,  We simply can't have that!  Now that the world is finally realizing the power of the plus size purse, I am determined to give plus size designers, models, photographers, etc, the voice that they deserve."

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