Friday, June 8, 2018

Candace's Closet

Listen, don't think for one second that just because you read Candace's Closet that I am some fashion expert! Uh not! And please don't think that I can afford designer brands---uh not!  I don't not now or ever claim to be any of those things.  I have to work with what I have--and to be honest it's not much but it's me!

I'm a single mother of three boys and I haven't shopped for anything for myself in months--sad I know.  But there are just more important things in my life for me to focus on right now.  I like to say this: I'm currently under construction---it sounds better than saying I'm broke right?

Well, either way its the truth!  I am currently under construction and so is this website.  This magazine of mine has been apart of my life for almost 10 years.  I've birthed it, nurtured it, neglected it, cried over it, been frustrated with it---but it's still here!

Still, I recognize that nothing stays the same and everything must change.  And there will definitely be some changes to this magazine.  I'm going to be trying some new things just to see how it all works out.  I hope that you stick around and leave a comment or two to let me know what you think of all the changes.

Candace's Closet will be a sporadic post that will appear every now and then just to talk about my wardrobe and how I put my outfits together for whatever I'm doing and where ever I'm going.  This magazine has always been centered around plus size men and women because I am a plus size woman.  This magazine has and always will be an extension of my life.  Well, my life is changing and so will this magazine.  We're going to go through these changes together.  

My closet doesn't have much.  It's not glamorous or fancy.  It holds your typical size 18-20 and an occasional size 16 (on a good no water weight day) casual, business and formal wear.  Honestly, if I have to pull something out of the closet it's a real good day.  Normally, I grab some stretch pants and a nice shirt and I'm out the door (cue sad music).

I decided to go to church this Sunday, (don't ask why it's not an every Sunday thing--too long of a story) so Saturday night we prep night.  I grabbed two of my favorite dresses out--one a light peach and the other a pastel pink.  I've worn both several times for different occassions--church, events, weddings, and dinner.  I've worn both while pregnant because their both very comfortable and easy to slip in and out.  I've even nursed (breastfed) in one--quite easily actually- so these are definitely two of my go-to dresses.

Since I couldn't decide between the two dresses I just decided to move on to accessories.  I really like to put together my accessories the night before because I hate to get dressed and can't find that one earring or bracelet that I feel matches perfectly.

I decided to wear pearls because no matter which dress I picked I felt like they would go perfectly.  I have a good selection of pearl jewelry so I just picked out a few pieces that would go great and decided that I would pick the perfect pieces after I put on my dress.

Sometimes I can overdue it in the accessory department.  I decided to pull out one of my flowers.  I couldn't decide if I would put it in my hair or my dress.  I ended up not wearing it at all even though you see me in the pictures with them on.  After I took the picture I showed my son and he said the flower was too much LOL!! You gotta love boys--they will be so honest with you!

When it comes to shoes I don't quite have the extensive collection as most women do.  I feel so crazy sometimes that I'm just not that into shoes the way other women are.  I decided to go with my pastel pink pumps for the first part of the day--before and during church--and then my pastel pink sandals for after church!

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