So, recently I started trying to ease my way back into my old body.  I had a baby about 7 months ago and unlike most women who gain weight while pregnant and then lose it after, I lose weight during pregnancy and then gain it afterwards while breastfeeding (rolls eyes). I don't really have money or time for a gym membership so it's up to me.

Right now I really do my best to walk in the mornings and get a few squats and some other painful leg, thigh, ab, or booty exercises in the afternoon.  I won't lie with a new baby, two other kids and my little side hustles, I can't get it in everyday like I would like to but I'm determined not to quit.

I'll be posting a few videos every now and then and hopefully I'll see progress as I continue to go

I love being able to get the whole entire family together when I do my workouts.  In the video below you will see my son Ronnie, my eldest son Kenny, my best friend and her daughters, Tameah, Jalena and Riniyiah.  We have so much fun together.  I find that doing my workouts this way makes the time go by very fast.  
Don't get me wrong I know that it's not realistic to work out with someone every time but it definitely breaks up the boring routine when every joins in.
Along with these workouts I also try to go for a walk in the mornings or a run in the afternoon.


This topic has been discussed more than once.  Once I think it's settled it rises its ugly head again.
This is the debate on rather or not the advertisement of plus size women as beautiful and fashionable is helping or hurting the ever growing problem of obesity.

First of all, I must say that if your are not considered plus size you cannot effectively weigh-in (no pun intended) on this topic.  I'm sorry (no I'm not) but it honestly feels like we (plus size people) lose their voice when it comes to this debate because people who have never face this issue have the loudest voice in this conversation.

There are three points that I would like to bring up (AGAIN) that pertains to this debate.

1. You cannot love yourself only when you are thin.  This was the very first lesson that I had to learn if I ever wanted to be happy.  Not if I ever wanted to be thin.  Not if I ever wanted to be pretty.  If I ever wanted to be happy with myself and who I am I could NOT wait until I was thin to do so.  We see this over and over and over again.  Loving yourself has nothing to do with a person's outward appearance.  So to say that showcasing a plus size woman being confident, feeling sexy and being admired is contributing to obesity is just FALSE.  

When you love yourself that is half the battle.  It is so much easier trying to live a healthier lifestyle when you are doing it from a healthy mind set.  It's not easy trying to lose weight, eat right, just to satisfy someone else.  It's too much pressure.  Honestly when you are very overweight it can be very difficult to try to lose weight even when its for your own health.  When you step on that scale and then hear your doctor say what you should weigh it can be very difficult to even start when you're just doing it to satisfy someone else, even if its what's best for you.

But whenever you decide that I love myself exactly for who I am and you really mean it.  It suddenly becomes very easy to lose weight because you don't have the pressure of doing it for someone else.  You can actually have fun doing it.

2. This may come as a news flash to some of you but: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SKINNY TO BE HEALTHY! There's a lot of skinny unhealthy people and vise versa.  There a many plus size women who eat healthy, are very active and get good reports from their doctors every check-up.  The only difference is, they're not skinny!

3. Finally, I personally find it very offensive when one group comes out with a study with a small percentage of women as their case study and suddenly this is the norm for EVERYBODY!  It's sickening! Now, because of one case study plus size women ads are the cause for obesity. Not the fact that unhealthy foods are cheaper than healthy foods and are more readily available.  ( I won't even go there)

Feel free to check out these articles and feel free to comment and share!

Fitness Friday Blog


Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa and I am 26 years old. I live in a small town in Ohio, Fayetteville. I have never wrote a blog, so you will have to bear with me but I love helping people and feel that maybe I could help someone out there who could possibly be struggling with their weight like I have for years.

In 2004, I was experiencing terrible pain in my lower abdomen. It was completely unbearable. I finally went to the doctor and an ultra sound was ordered to see what was going on. My life changed forever that day.

After receiving my ultra sound, I was told that I had a mass that covered all of my internal organs. The doctor wasn’t sure if it was cancer. He told me there were multiple things that this could be, but I would have to have surgery immediately to remove it. I was 15 years old and terrified. What was wrong with me? Was I going to die?

I eventually had my surgery and found out this mass inside me weighed 15 pounds. The mass had started out as a cyst on my ovary and grew and grew without me knowing until the pain was unbearable. The doctor diagnosed me with something called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with this disease and there is no cure for it.

So, what is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? It is a hormonal disorder that causes a multitude of unwanted symptoms; anxiety, depression, infertility, cysts and excessive weight gain.
The doctors all told me the key to helping the symptoms I was experiencing was weight loss. This is when my weight loss journey started…

I have tried countless diets, countless medications, countless weight loss products – all with promised results, for me nothing helped. I tried not eating. I was so depressed; I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I was relentlessly teased for my weight. At this point if someone would have said stand on your head ten times a day and you will lose weight, well, I would have tried it. I was desperate.
As I got older, I started spending hundreds of dollars on every weight loss trend I seen. Most companies had a 3 part weight loss system – it seemed like anything
out there you had to have multiple products. This added up quickly, I would lose a couple pounds and then gain a few back. It was so frustrating to me.

Three months ago I came across something called Fit Sticks by the company Fitteam Global. One product only, what a relief this was to me. I was so hesitant to try it but was told the product had a thirty day money back guarantee. Why not? Nothing else I had tried could offer me this.
I did my research before I started taking the product and found out this product was 100% organic, gluten/soy/lactose and GMO free! I researched the ingredients and the product promised help with weight loss, energy, mood enhancement, appetite control, blood glucose control and it was also jam packed with antioxidants.

Fit Sticks are a powder that you mix in your water and drink 30 minutes before meals. I personally take two a day. They taste like grape and are easy to remember. I have been using this product for three months and have lost 46 pounds. I decided to become a Fitteam Coach and have been helping others with their weight loss journey.

If you would be interested in learning more, you can send me an e-mail at or view my website at
The product also comes with a recommended meal plan, which allows you to eat up to five times a day! I honestly cannot say enough about this product; it has changed my life in so many ways.
This was just a little introduction about me, my journey and what I am doing to help myself. I want to also implement a Q&A section in my blog each week. Feel free to post questions, e-mail me questions – if it is about weight loss, struggles you have had, anything.. I am here and honestly just love helping people any way I can.

I have also included some photos of my weight loss journey. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my story. I would love to help you start your weight loss journey.

Thank you


Greetings my beautiful ladies! My name is Sharonda, my friends call me Sunshyne.
I'm 35 years old and very excited to be blogging for Phatablous. I am a plus size
woman but that descriptor does not define me. Let me tell you why.

I am a group fitness instructor and I love what I do! I get paid to exercise and inspire
others that may have felt they couldn't have fun in a dance fitness class to love their
body and be comfortable in their own skin. For times a week, I get to motivate and
inspire in my class.

Within my life experiences, I've gained knowledge that has changed the way I live my
life and how I present myself to others. Thru this, it has pushed me to want to share
what I've learned out of the hope that it will reach those that need to hear it.
I recently launched my YouTube channel geared towards the encouragement and
inspiration of the numerous women out there that are works in progress. I used to
down myself as a group fitness instructor because I didn't feel like I should be
teaching being a plus size woman. It took a few weeks of personal self talk for me to
realize that my talent is what got me the position.

So as I share my heart with you all thru my postings, I hope that you all will find the
motivation you need to get out there and live a life of health and strength both
physically and emotionally.

Sharonda (Sunshyne)
Follow me on Instagram & Twitter @Sunshyne4eva
My YouTube Channel:

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