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A guest blogger should:

Be willing to bring their best efforts to their writing.

Be willing to announce their guest posts on their blog, if applicable, with a link back to their post on
Be willing to promote their guest posts to their followers on Facebook and Twitter or other social media outlets.

We’ll allow you one text link in the body of the article. And at the end of each guest post, there will be an opportunity to include a short bio with a picture and links to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We will only consider topics that can provide value to our readers. Educational and entertaining articles that pertain to plus size women, fitness, healthy lifestyles and healthy eating, fashion, relationships, sex, religion, are all examples of topics that our readers enjoy reading.  We will not accept self-promotional content or affiliate promotions.  All blog posts must be written in English and use proper spelling and grammar.

Not sure if your content is correct, email us at

There is no limit on the length of your content, however we find that the most effective and engaging articles are between 300 and 700 words.

Submit our Guest Blogger Form with the following information. We will respond within 7 business days.

Terms and Conditions

All Guest Bloggers agree to the following terms and conditions:

Phatabulous Magazine has the right to publish or re-publish submitted articles, or remove previously published articles, in whole or in part, at their sole discretion.

Phatabulous Magazine reserves the right to edit all posts submitted for consideration to our blog. If your post requires major changes, we will contact you and work together on edits. If your post needs minor edits, we reserve the right to make the minor changes without notifying you.

You, as a guest blogger, represent and warrant to Phatabulous Magazine  that each and every article you submit for publication online is your own original work and does not infringe upon the copyright or intellectual property rights of any other party.

Phatabulous Magazine will not compensate Guest Bloggers.  You will not receive any form of compensation from Phatabulous Magazine for any of your submitted articles that we agree to publish.

Guest Bloggers Needed

Do you have an article that you think would be of interest to our readers? If so, let us know – if we publish it, you’ll get some great exposure visitors while providing useful and valuable information to our community.

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